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About Maxim Tokyo

Maxim Tokyo
We are a leading company in the event industry and have been organizing belly dance events and different types of dance such as pole dance, tango, salsa, and triple dance for 15 years
We organize many big festivals like Winds from the Nile, Cutie dream nights, Ahlan Tokyo, Elset we Malket el tet, and Elhelm festival with a gala dance show, dance workshop, night show, competition
We organize for all superstar belly dancers and teachers from all over the world, Raqia Hassan, Aida Noor, Dina, Lubana Imam, Kamelia Mourad, Aziza of Cairo, Soriya Zaid, Alaa abo Leila, Kawakeb el fan, Tito, Mohamed Kazafy, Wael Mansour, Tommy King, Ragaey Hussien, Mercedes Nito, Alla Kushnir, Vaagn Tadevosyan, prince kayyamer , Ibrahim El suzei , Zeina, Gamal Mito , Zeina of Cairo, Marwa, Tuna,Latifa, Nada Al Basha , Hossam el Mansy , Raed Abd Elghany Mohamed Salah, Dana Amar, Romina Malouf, Amir Sofi (drummer), and we bring live Egyptian bands,
We also organize monthly shows, El helm challenge, Maxim Nights, Alhambra Nights, Diamond Hafla, and some shows with live Arabic or Japanese bands
The company has a beauty and dance project called Beauty's belly, which focuses on body training, dance technique, healthy diet, and skin care
Hana belly dance school Tokyo, Sapporo, Tochigi, and Utsunomya part of our company for belly dance technique and Egyptian folklore dance
(Terakoya Dance and phiscal School) teaches many kinds of dance and body training.
sponsor for FID in Seoul competition south Korea 2015 sponsor and partner for magical arabesque Dubai 2016 sponsor for Heba belly dance competition south Korea 2017 sponsor and partner for Meya Meya festival Italy 2017 sponsor for belly Nea competition Argentina 2018

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Hana Farah 

Phone: 09095128735

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