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EL Helm Special Online WS! ! !

身体の寺子屋ダンサー塾 momo.jpg

Terakoya dance and physical school

Sunay, May 14,2023

Terakoya dance and physical school

Dancer: Momo
Venue: Shinjuku My Studio 5b
Time: 13:00-15:50
Price: 10,000 yen
"Awalem" choreography with lots of dalla, commentary on maqam with Arabic oud melody
Training with Tabla for rhythm

elhelm Japan .jpg

Elhelm Japan WS 

Saturday, July  15, 2023

El helm Japan Belly Dance Festival

presented  Belly Dance Superpastor Lesson

Superstar Camellia WS!! Baladi  WS is live Band.

Don't miss the Tango Oriental WS by  Leandro from Argentina.

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